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Providing unquestioned performance and quality workmanship to industrial and commercial clients, as well as being the subcontractor of choice of knowledgeable prime contractors.  Orbit Sheet Metal is also noted for special applications, custom fabrication of aluminum, stainless and mild steel, with gauges through 1/4" plate.  The firm offers turnkey design, planning, detailing, fabrication and complete field installation and startup.

Scope of Work

Specialty Fabrication

Breeching Work

Spray Booths


Oil Mist Recovery

Dust Collection


OSHA Guarding

Noise Abatement

ISO 14000 Modifications

Metal and Plastic Capabilities

Punching  -  100 tons

Sawing  -  18" x 13"

Promecam Press Break

Computerized Plasma Cutter

Shearing  -  1/4" x 10'

Burning  -  1/4" to 5"

Wysong Press Break  -  175 tons

Roto-Die Press Break

Past Clients & Services

General Motors Corp., Truck Group, Moraine Assembly Plant, Ohio
Fabrication and installation 55 exhaust fans and ductwork for new sport utility assembly building process exhaust. Fabrication and installation of HVAC and exhaust fans and ductwork for new sport utility vehicle assembly building. Fabrication and installation of ELPO/Phosphate HVAC and exhaust systems in new building addition.

Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio
Fabrication and installation of custom coal chutes for coal fired boiler, utilizing 27,000+ pounds of 1/4" stainless steel plate.

Hills Pet Food, Richmond, Indiana
Fabrication and installation of a million dollar HVAC and dust collection system.

General Motors Corp., MCD, Doraville Assembly Plant, Georgia
Fabrication and installation of catwalks, support steel and framing, steel columns, stairs, handrails and galvanized
grating for GM-10 sedan expansion.

Montgomery County Jail
Provided duct work and HVAC unit installation in support of joint project with S&D/Osterfeld to install an entirely new HVAC system.

Miami Valley RTA Cooper Building
Installed new HVAC system including duct work. Worked with Orbit Movers & Erectors to install new steel beams in existing building.

Montgomery County Juvenile Justice Center
Installed HVAC system in new building in support of joint project with S&D/Osterfeld.

Miami University, Oxford, Ohio
As a subcontractor, provided all of the duct work for the renovation of the Applied Engineering Building.

Honda Transmission Plant
Installed duct work, HVAC units and exhaust fans in the plant addition.

Appleton Paper Company
Installed the duct work for the boiler to electrostatic precipitator upgrade.

Montgomery County Common Pleas Court
As part of the renovation, removed old duct work and HVAC units and installed new.

Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio
Replace 750 ton coal bunker using 1/4" stainless steel plate with an ultra-high molecular weight plastic liner.

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